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Ask the Mailman will enlighten those who want a very simple plan that will deliver uncommon wealth through investing in high-yield stocks. When coupled with the laws of compound interest, this plan can provide unbelievable results—, even for those who have had unfavorable experiences investing in stocks.


Ask the Mailman describes many ways to make compound interest your personal banker with very little effort or attention. “Cash is king” and this book demonstrates how to get more cash, make it work harder for you, get you an extra paycheck, build up a nest egg, and pay some or all of your bills with “free” money from your stock investments. “Ask the Mailman” also shows you how to make your children, or grand-children millionaires by the time they are forty years old with almost no effort.


Uncommon wealth tips revealed by “Ask The Mailman”
  • Stocks are the greatest and easiest way to get an extra paycheck

  • How to take advantage of a Wall Street yard sale

  • You want to stop working someday… don’t you?

  • Everyone needs an IRA!… not so fast, you can hit the lottery

  • Make your children millionaires… sooner rather than later. .





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Growing up in the Midwest, David Hawkins always thought he would be a carpenter. When the time came, he selected a vocational high school to study carpentry. Upon graduation, he received the Craftsmanship Award for his newly acquired skills. The day after graduation, he started building homes and improving his craft. Four years later, David felt the desire for more. College was the obvious choice, but what field of study? Aptitude test results indicated the best field for David a career in interior design. He selected Kent State University and earned his degree in design.


For more than forty years, David’s passion for design, art and construction have rewarded him with a diverse national client base. His travels as an interior designer have taken him all across the country, doing fun projects and meeting interesting people. During his forty years as a professional designer, he has won several national awards for excellence in lighting and retail design and been awarded two United States and Canadian patents for product design.