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When you maximize the resources available to you, dig for ways to grow your money without tremendous risk, and systematically invest more in the stock market, you can achieve high returns.


David Hawkins knows that’s possible because he’s done it—all without paying exorbitant fees to a money manager claiming to look out for his best interests.


He shares the strategies that have worked for him—as well as the ones that haven’t—in this do-it-yourself guide to managing investments. Learn how to:


  • take advantage of fire sales on Wall Street;
  • teach your children about how money works; and
  • leverage the power of compound interest.


The author pays particular attention to investing for income, noting that if you have a $60,000 investment that pays you $1,000 a month ($12,000 annually), it will take only five years to get your money back. That is assuming that nothing changes or moves.


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